Sunday, January 8, 2012

Because it's January.

Well, this could be a bad idea.

But that's the best way to start a new year, isn't it? Set lofty goals and watch them sink into something between your high hopes and what you might have done had you never set them at all. Thanks in part to Beka's 50 books, 50 pounds blog-o-goals...I'll give it a try. Even if a blog has the potential to partially derail my productivity hopes, it might keep me (mostly) honest too, eh?

So here they are. Goals I'm developing as I type.

1. Finish an ENTIRE first draft of the first book in The Account of Verdi Mier (formerly known as The Project -- or my obsession). In my ten or so years of fumbling around with the story, I have been master at getting close to a draft and then going batshit crazy on book three or four...and then changing the foundation of everything, necessitating the complete deletion of...well, everything. Not so anymore. I have a firm grasp on the world of my characters now and I need to trust that I've grown enough as a writer to hold on to what I'm creating. So. One big, shiny draft. Before November. (NaNo is NOT the time to be polishing a draft.)

2. What the hell? 40 books. For class, for fun, for growing as a reader and writer.

3. To feel in shape. I'm not setting a number. Given the great likelihood that I'll get pregnant and muck the numbers up completely, there's little point. But I do hope to consciously get back to that golden period where Ryan and I were actively cooking healthy meals and making an effort to move our asses occasionally. Sluggish body = sluggish mind, and with goals 1 & 2 I can hardly afford THAT.

I think that's more than enough.

Current progress:

I'm still working on my draft, which I consider a win. It's so easy to get knocked completely off path when things get busy. And I did, for a while. But lately I've found my moments to sneak off and explode into scene. Typically right after a shower or right after I've tried to go to bed. My characters like to yell at each other in my head while I'm in the shower, and while I'm lying in the dark trying to sleep. Any day I can transfer that to the page I consider a win. This, of course, does not equal structured scenes or chapters...which is my next hill to climb. I have a great chapter map complete with note cards pinned to a bulletin board. I have crossed into over-organized territory. It's time to identify holes, issues, and problematic junk and start revising NaNo's efforts. I hope by next post I'll be able to say I've done more of that.

For books, I'm off to a slower start. Jacob's Room is a bit of a mind-slam. I find Woolf interesting, and I think the style was great for "An Unwritten Novel" but in a (written - ha) novel, it's a cumbersome and somewhat confusing. I can only handle a chapter at a time right now. I might start Boneshaker or The Difference Engine soon. I've been craving steampunk lately, and either would do. Not until I'm a little ahead of the game on class reading, though.

I think I'll leave it there for now!

Until next time...

-- Meg

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  1. I've been meaning to read Boneshaker and several other steampunk novels. Also, we are thinking about doing a steampunk theme in the attic. Get to reading and help me with ideas! :)