Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Night Circus and What's Next

So, NIGHT CIRCUS was completely wonderful. It took a while to get used to the present tense (apparently everything else I read is past), but wow. The description was beautiful, the characters were fascinating and unique, and the writing in general amazed me. I think the best part was the imagination behind everything. It enchanted. It tickled. I was there and I want to go back.

I feel like there's so much less to say about a book like this than a book I only mostly like (or even dislike). It's such a personal thing to be swept away by someone else's fantasy. Thanks for the recommendation, Beka!

I'm on to CODE NAME VERITY now, which I've heard is impossible to get through without crying. That should be fun. Also rereading A GAME OF THRONES, and starting BEYOND THE WALL which is a collection of essays about GRRM's series. Theoretically, this should lead to little bursts of work on my independent paper. Fingers crossed there.

As far as Mier editing goes, I'm moving right along on the seven-chapter section I plan to send for critique. I am a little worried that I'm cutting too much, but I have backup copies, so I guess I'll wait until I've gotten through and reread to see. It feels tighter, at least.

Anyhow, lots of books to read. If you haven't read NIGHT CIRCUS, do. Just do.

Til next time,
-- Meg

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