Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Contest - Challenge #1

For those of you who don't know, I recently signed up for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest. Basically, you have 48 hours to write a story UNDER 1,000 words given a genre, location, and object. This goes on for at least two rounds (three or four if you place well enough), over the next few months. I plan to post my results here, just for fun.

I didn't have high hopes going into this round for two simple reasons:

1.) I've NEVER finished a complete story under 6k words, and have only finished ONE at that length. I just don't write short things. But I want to. And deadlines make me squirm, so I signed up!

2.) The first round coincided with the last two days of GenCon, which meant fitting the writing in between all the Con activities, on negative sleep. But I knew it going in. So...I threw myself under that bus.

My first prompt was "Horror / Trailer Park / 'For Sale' sign," which was great! (Luck! No comedy! No history!) My initial idea, despite four different perspective attempts, did not work out. (I'm convinced it will work out as a longer short story. So thanks for the idea, contest!) My final effort was written and edited almost entirely in the final three hours before the deadline...because DEADLINE. All things considered, I'll take it and cross my fingers that it's not too terrible.

We. Shall. See.

'Til next time,

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