Thursday, April 16, 2015

In the Way of Updates...

A list. Because why not?

1. NYC Midnight Contests

I'm happy to say that I took fourth place overall in the 2014 NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest! My final story was called "Elevation."

The prompt was: Open Genre / Location: iceberg / Object: lighter.

Initially I decided to play what have turned into my strengths in these contests -- horror and suspense. When a few attempts there fell flat, I went with a "spinning wheels of academia" piece and was, overall, pretty pleased with the result. Apparently the judges agreed. I am pretty sure this has given me an unrealistically rosy sense of "how contests do" in my first run, but I'm not complaining!

2. Teaching. ... -.-

It only took seven months to determine that, for once and all, I cannot hang with the teaching life. This is a whole blog post in itself. I could rage about the community college system, the students' lack of drive, motivation, and junior-high-level basic grammar skills. I could rage about society, the things student loans are doing to low-income students, and the various levels of WTF I experience on a daily basis. And maybe I will. Some day. Today, I'll just say...I've never been more relieved to near the end of a semester. And I've neared the end of a LOT of semesters in my academic life. With this, I say goodbye to teaching. For good. (For best!)

3. Editing for Life

While the door slams closed (deadbolts, chains, burns) on teaching, freelance editing is picking up steam. I love it. I love everything about it. It is my favorite, and I am ridiculously thrilled to have found work I look forward to doing. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Also, and I don't want to start a flood of competition here, but...editing CAN be done in giraffe pajamas. True story.

4. Editing for Mier

I can't believe this is the fourth item on the list rather than the first. What can I say? Things have been BUSY. But...delays aside, I do believe I will be ready to beta The Accounts of Verdi Mier: The Peacekeeper's Selection in (DRUMROLL)...two weeks!

The binders are purchased. Final edits are in motion. Hundreds of dollars are shivering in their boots and packing bags. (Did I mention that printing twelve 500-page manuscript copies isn't Eleven amazing volunteers will be reading my baby by month's end.

I guess I do know why this is the fourth item. I still have trouble believing it's happening. I can taste a finished book. Agent research is no longer time-wasting nonsense. It's a *step* that I've reached. So next month, wish me luck and untwistable panties of steel as I shove forward into the sharky waters of critique and rejection. (And, you know, maybe just that ONE acceptance. One'll do.)

'Til next time,
- Meg